compound miter saw 5A compound miter saw is designed for making clean crosscuts on the wood stock. This machine is unique on its own in that it can be beleved while it is turned to offer a cut to miter instantly.

This is unlike the sliding miter saw where saw blade and motor are pulled forward at a short distance. There are things you can do with these machines to get most out of them.

Compound miter saw

This type of power tool is highly regarded because of its accuracy in making crosscuts on the wood. The cuts can be square, beveled or angled. This type of saw allows the user to bevel and angle the cut instantly. This creates precise but yet complex compound cuts on the woods. This is very important when you are doing crown cutting as there are materials that demand extreme accurate angle cuts.

Working safely

It is important to note that working with a compound miter saw is straight-forward process. You will need to place your wood on the working table against the fence. The next thing is to set the bevel and angle before adjusting board position on the table. Put on your saw and then plunge the blade into wood. Although it sounds easy, this machine is quite dangerous as it can cause serious injuries to the eyes and hands if not used properly. You should therefore learn some safety tips in order to reduce risk of injury when you use this machine.

Build Portable Stand

Although the compound miter saws are regarded as portable tools, these machines are a bit tough to use effectively when you are working away from your workshop. The major problem in this case is supporting of stock properly on either sides of the saw. You can easily address this problem by building a portable stand you use when out of the workshop. The stand needs to be equipped with supports that can be used on the job site.

Mitered butt joints

A butt joint is one of the basic methods of connecting the two boards at the right angles. You will note that end grain of one of your boards will be visible. Using the mitered butt joints ensures that the end grain of your wood is not visible.

Close the open-mitered corners

Mitered corners improperly done can be obvious defects as they tend to reflect the sloppy workmanships. They are commonly caused by use of materials that are not straight.

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