compound miter sawCompound miter saws are developed to help you make crosscuts or square cuts or beveled cuts. They work by pulling the motorized circular blades down into the wood in plunging action.

They are very versatile and can be used for different jobs. However, they are not great for cutting wide stock or ripping lumber.

With a compound miter saw you can easily adjust both the bevel and miter cuts, thus giving them leg up on the basic miter saws. They generally make the bevel cuts in a single direction, either right or left. However, there other models that pivots in the both directions. This greatly allows added flexibility to the cutting jobs. The extra versatility of the saws is very important for the tasks such as the cutting of crown moldings.

Materials of construction

Compound miter saws are usually made from aluminum or steel. Sometimes its handle and blade guard may be made of heavy-duty plastic. This ensures that it is easy to handle and getting hold of the machine. Comfort is needed when using the saw. The use of rubber or plastic reduces the vibrations produced by the machine while on use. Most of the miter saws are constructed in order to withstand the serious workloads.

Tool advice and tips

You should consider purchasing a compound miter saw stand to use in supporting the long pieces of wood while you are cutting them. The stand makes it easier to keep the work piece steady. What you are supposed to do is to press your material against saw’s fence and then push the blade steadily into wood. You should always allow the blade to work for you. therefore you should not pull it through wood.

Another important to take into account is the blade size. The machines come typically in 12, 10, and 8 inches. With large blade size you are assured of longer cuts. The other things you should consider include the laser guide, dust bag and electric brakes. The laser guide is important for making the precise cuts. The dust bag is used for collecting the sawdust and the electric brakes for emergency stopping of the machine.

The location where you are going to use the compound miter saw determines the type of machine you are going to use. If electrical power outlet is not an issue, then you can go for a cordless miter saw. It is important to note that heavy use drains the battery very quickly.

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