compound miter saw 4One of the popular power tools that are widely used by homebuilders is the compound miter saw. This machine is known for its versatility and precision on beveled, angled, and square cuts. However, this tool is not used in the right way it can be quite dangerous. The following are some of the habits and tips to use in order to reduce the risk of the injury occurring:

Wear appropriate personal protective equipments

Commonly known as PPE in industrial set ups, they will protect your whole body in case of a mishap. You should always use safety glasses and wear the appropriate clothing. If your compound miter saw is very loud, then it is advisable to use ear muffs or any other appropriate hearing protection.

Table guard

Usually a compound miter saw is equipped with the blade guard. This equipment should never be removed or disabled. You should check it occasionally to ascertain that it functions as required and will not bind when lowering or raising the saw. In addition, you should check whether it is sharp and fastened properly to the saw arbor. It is important to note that an improperly installed or dull saw blade is extremely dangerous. Another safety tips when installing or checking the saw blade, is to unplug the machine from the power source.

Adjustable fence

Most models of the compound miter saw that are currently in use feature an adjustable fence. You need to ensure that your fence is appropriately adjusted for the particular cut you are going to make. Also, the stock should be placed firmly against the fence and table as you make the cut. You should be aware that free handling is ill-advised and very dangerous.

Clean your saw

It is your role to ensure that the compound miter saw is very clean before using it. Also, after using it, it should be cleaned and stored at the right place. The cutoffs from the previous cuts or a lot of sawdust can interfere with the current cutting operation. The result can be very dangerous. Therefore you should keep a small bucket or box nearby to accommodate the small cutoffs.

Use common sense

Whenever you are using a machine, you need to take your time and concentrate on the cutting operation. You should be aware that hurrying can lead to lots of mistakes. Always avoid alcohol and drugs when working. In this way, you will be less inclined to make mistakes that can cause serious injuries.

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