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compound miter saw 5A compound miter saw is designed for making clean crosscuts on the wood stock. This machine is unique on its own in that it can be beleved while it is turned to offer a cut to miter instantly.

This is unlike the sliding miter saw where saw blade and motor are pulled forward at a short distance. There are things you can do with these machines to get most out of them.

Compound miter saw

This type of power tool is highly regarded because of its accuracy in making crosscuts on the wood. The cuts can be square, beveled or angled. This type of saw allows the user to bevel and angle the cut instantly. This creates precise but yet complex compound cuts on the woods. This is very important when you are doing crown cutting as there are materials that demand extreme accurate angle cuts.

Working safely

It is important to note that working with a compound miter saw is straight-forward process. You will need to place your wood on the working table against the fence. The next thing is to set the bevel and angle before adjusting board position on the table. Put on your saw and then plunge the blade into wood. Although it sounds easy, this machine is quite dangerous as it can cause serious injuries to the eyes and hands if not used properly. You should therefore learn some safety tips in order to reduce risk of injury when you use this machine. Read the rest of this entry

compound miter saw 4One of the popular power tools that are widely used by homebuilders is the compound miter saw. This machine is known for its versatility and precision on beveled, angled, and square cuts. However, this tool is not used in the right way it can be quite dangerous. The following are some of the habits and tips to use in order to reduce the risk of the injury occurring:

Wear appropriate personal protective equipments

Commonly known as PPE in industrial set ups, they will protect your whole body in case of a mishap. You should always use safety glasses and wear the appropriate clothing. If your compound miter saw is very loud, then it is advisable to use ear muffs or any other appropriate hearing protection.

Table guard

Usually a compound miter saw is equipped with the blade guard. This equipment should never be removed or disabled. You should check it occasionally to ascertain that it functions as required and will not bind when lowering or raising the saw. In addition, you should check whether it is sharp and fastened properly to the saw arbor. It is important to note that an improperly installed or dull saw blade is extremely dangerous. Another safety tips when installing or checking the saw blade, is to unplug the machine from the power source. Read the rest of this entry

compound miter sawsA compound miter saw is an important power tool used in making crosscuts on the woods. It is essentially a larger circular saw that is mounted on a balanced lever that allows you to make beveled, angle and square cuts on the board ends. In most cases, compound miter saws can be beveled up to 60-degrees and 45-degrees on either direction. This makes it possible cutting precise compound angles.

Miter gauge

Usually a compound miter saw may be angled up to 45 degrees either to right or left. A quality saw ought to have clearly marked miter gauge. In addition, it should be adjusted easily whenever necessary. The hard stops are usually 0, 15, 23, 30 and 45 degrees in the both directions. Again, the user should be able to lock the compound saw to any particular miter angle as needed.

The Bevel

The machine is called “compound” because of the ability of the saw to tilt in addition to setting its miter angle. It is important to note that there are saws that bevel only in one direction and the others will bevel up to 45 degrees either right or left. This is necessary when the woodworker requires cutting the two angles on same cut. For instance, in crown molding, the procedure becomes simpler when the two precise angles are cut at the same time. Read the rest of this entry

best compound miter sawSince their introduction into the market, the best compound miter saw types have become more popular, more advanced and incredibly very useful. In fact, where accurate miters and precision crosscuts are concerned, there is no better machine than this one. The machine allows users to work very fast and with greater accuracy. With this type of machine, users can perform the miter cuts, square cuts, angled cuts, and bevel cuts. In addition, they are able to work with the larger pieces of materials. It is a multipurpose tool that is not matched with miter saws currently on the market.

The high performance of the compound miter saws offers craftsmen a double-edged sword. The tools can undertake a wide range of applications since they are built in various sizes with different focuses, benefits and features. This poses difficult in choosing the right machine that meets your needs. The information below will guide you to choose the right miter saw for your needs: Read the rest of this entry

compound miter sawCompound miter saws are developed to help you make crosscuts or square cuts or beveled cuts. They work by pulling the motorized circular blades down into the wood in plunging action.

They are very versatile and can be used for different jobs. However, they are not great for cutting wide stock or ripping lumber.

With a compound miter saw you can easily adjust both the bevel and miter cuts, thus giving them leg up on the basic miter saws. They generally make the bevel cuts in a single direction, either right or left. However, there other models that pivots in the both directions. This greatly allows added flexibility to the cutting jobs. The extra versatility of the saws is very important for the tasks such as the cutting of crown moldings.

Materials of construction

Compound miter saws are usually made from aluminum or steel. Sometimes its handle and blade guard may be made of heavy-duty plastic. This ensures that it is easy to handle and getting hold of the machine. Comfort is needed when using the saw. The use of rubber or plastic reduces the vibrations produced by the machine while on use. Most of the miter saws are constructed in order to withstand the serious workloads. Read the rest of this entry